Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo

Fairmont Hotel Monte Carlo

This luxury hotel in Monte Carlo is propped up on pillars over the sea, offering fabulous views, an excellent choice of restaurants and a rooftop pool. The Formula 1 whizzes past it on the land side. It’s expensive, but worth it, and family friendly, too.

Overlooking the sea (indeed, overstepping it: the hotel advances into the Med on pillars) and just down from the Place du Casino in the centre of Monte Carlo. Land-side, it also oversees the Fairmont hair-pin bend, one of the most dramatic elements of the Monaco’s Formula 1 circuit.

From the outside, the Fairmont looks like a throwback to the 1970s . But you can’t see that when you’re inside – where a recent €46-million renewal has brightened the place up no end. The Reception is an acreage of polished wood and marble which leads to the Sun casino, an entire mall of top-end shops and the lovely, sea-view Saphire bar. Fairmont folk are terribly proud of their new Willow Stream spa – and of their roof-top heated pool. They’d also like you to know that, with 602 rooms, this is one of the very biggest hotels in the whole of Europe.

Imagine the sort of outside cabin you might get if you’d paid quite a lot for a cruise, transfer it to land – and you have the average Fairmont sea-view room. There are light blues, dark wood furniture inspired by the 1930s, much space and comfort but nothing to detract from the main attraction, which is the sea beyond the big windows. To appreciate it better, each room has its balcony. Sitting there of an evening, glass and loved one to hand … well, I think you’ll be happy enough. Other rooms, more colonial in style, look over the gardens. They, too, have balconies – but I’d spring for a sea-view, if the finances can stand it.

Fairmont Hotel Monte Carlo – 12 Avenue Des Spélugues, Monte Carlo